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  • Sisaldab: Body lift 2" do Jeep'a Wrangler'a YJ 2in body lift pucks Grille support brackets Radiator shroud relocation brackets Man. Trans. shifter extension Auto. Trans. shift relocation bracket 4wd shifter extension Exhaust relocation bracket Vacuum hose extension Hardware

    265,00 €
  • Sisaldab: heavy duty front & rear leaf springs +4"  u-bolts polyurethane sleeves power steering pitman arm +4" front sway-bars transfer case drop kit front and rear track bar brackets front and rear bumps stop brake line drop bracket 4 RC N2.0 Series shocks only use in car with power steering

    1 050,00 €
  • Sisaldab:front reinforced springs +6 " rear reinforced springs +6 " u-Bolty polyurethane sleeves whisker of the steering gap +6 " stabilizer fasteners front open transfer of the fastening of the front and rear panhandler rod front and rear deflectors extended brake hoses for front and rear 4 reinforced RC N2.0 Series gas dampers the set is...

    1 990,00 €
Kuvatud 1 - 3 kokku 3 tootest